Sanitary napkins with
100% organic cotton


Tampons chlorine
and perfume free

Cocoon Wax Strips

Cocoon Lip Balm


Sanitary napkins from certified organic cotton

Now on the supermarket there is a choice different from the usual ones.

There is Cocoon. The sanitary napkin that is made of certified organic cotton in both the cover and the absorbent core.
It is naturally soft, absorbent, skin-friendly and its environmental footprint is minimal.

From the cultivation of cotton that is organic without pesticides to the final product consisting of biodegradable and compostable materials, free of plastics and chemicals.

Cocoon means transformation. We change choices, enjoy comfort every day, in a better world.


Cocoon Tampons
Chlorine Free bleaching, Perfume Free

Feel absolute comfort and protection with the new Cocoon tampons.
Cocoon tampons are chlorine and perfume free, ensuring that female sensitive area isn’t exposed to unnecessary irritants.

Their soft and absorbent design ensures maximum protection without compromising on your comfort.


Lip Balm - VEGAN

The perfect combination of natural ingredients, such as sweet almond oil, sunflower oil and aloe vera extract, will keep your lips smooth and hydrated, all year round from the cold in winter and from the intense sun during summer. Eliminates irritations and provides excellent nutritional protection.


Cocoon Wax Strips - VEGAN

Thanks to its composition with Shea Butter, Acai & Goji Berry leaves the skin soft and moisturized. Designed to hug the curves of the face for an easier fit, they remove hair from the root.